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Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is a win-win model in which you promote SubTrans and receive a percentage of the sales in return.

It can serve as a side hustle, helping you boost your income.

What are the rules?

  • Join our affiliate program.

  • Share your promotional link on your social media, websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.

  • Receive 30% of every payment made by users referred by you.

How to become an affiliate partner?

  1. Register here.

  2. Obtain your link here.

  3. Share the link with anyone you think would benefit from SubTrans, on your social media, websites, blogs, or anywhere else.

  4. Receive automatic notifications for every payment made by users you referred.

  5. Receive a payment from us, equivalent to 30% of each transaction.

Benefits of Joining Our Affiliate Program

Earn Money While You Sleep

Establish a passive income stream by promoting us on your social media, website, blog, and newsletters, etc.

Set it up once and let it run automatically.


Do I have to upgrade to the PRO plan to become an affiliate partner?

No, you can join the affiliate program and earn a commission regardless of whether you're a FREE or PRO user.

How do I know how well my promotion is going, such as how many people purchased through my link?

After you register as an affiliate partner, you can learn the details of your promotion on the affiliate panel. Information like how many people clicked on your link, how many paid, how much was paid, how much commission you earned, etc.

Does this conflict with Share & Invite?

No, they do not conflict. You can benefit from both. Share your link and invite code together to earn income and receive usage quota.


[Contact me] if you have any questions about our affiliate program.