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Getting started


  • Install SubTrans

  • Go to one of the supported sites, open a video page.

  • Left-click SubTrans Icon to set up

  • (required) Turn on the Switch

  • (required) Choose the Translation Source

    Note that the Translation Source is loaded from the page you visit and it's the source of the translation for first and second subtitles.

  • (required) Choose the language of First Subtitle

  • (optional) Choose the language of Second Subtitle

  • After a short process period, the bilingual subtitles should be shown up

  • Congrat!


If no official subtitle / caption exists on your visiting site, Translation Source will be none. Hence no subtitle will be shown.


If a video page is opened before SubTrans is installed, you need to RELOAD the page.


SubTrans supports YouTube videos that are embedded on any page. Since the video on this page is an embedded YouTube video, you can try SubTrans on this page.


[Contact me] if you have any issues setting up SubTrans.