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Share & Invite

What is this?

When someone registers SubTrans account with your invite code, you and him would both get a bonus.

What bonus would I get?

You and the person uses your code would both got 30 minutes of Translation Quota.

Does the bonus expire in the future? Do I have limited days to use?

No! Not like monthly free quota, Bonus will never expire. So feel free to share it anytime & anywhere.

Where can I find my invite code?

You can find it on your account dashboard, which is here.

How to use invite code?

Someone needs to input your invite code when he signs up. Only when register can a invite code be inputed.

What if I don't have an invite code to register?

Never mind, once you signs up, you would get your own invite code, you can share it to get constant bonus.


Please note that bonus rules might change in the future, it will not affect the bonus you have got.