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Share to Earn Quota

What is this?

When someone registers for a SubTrans account with your invite code, both you and the new user receive a bonus.

What bonus will I get?

Both you and the person using your code will receive 30 minutes of Translation Quota.

Does the bonus expire in the future? Is there a limited time to use it?

No! Unlike monthly free quotas, the bonus will never expire. Feel free to share it anytime, anywhere.

Where can I find my invite code?

You can find it on your account dashboard, located here.

How do I use the invite code?

Someone needs to input your invite code when they sign up. The code can only be entered during the registration process.

What if I don't have an invite code to register?

No worries, once you sign up, you will receive your own invite code that you can share to receive a constant bonus.


Please note that bonus rules might change in the future, but it will not affect the bonuses you have already received.

Share to Earn Commission

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